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No Holiday

Tuesday, 18 November 2014 by

  Today is a holiday in Haiti, but not for me. I have a full days worth of complex and sensations meetings awaiting me, powerful (internal & external) political forces are circling me and I’ve been sick since the middle of the night. Like I said, today will certainly “not” be a holiday for me.

Canaan - Jerusalem

Since I will be on the road until very late this evening, here is a brief overview of what my agenda looks like for today. This morning, I will be meeting with the head of Haiti’s Chamber of Commerce to discuss various private sector opportunities in Haiti located throughout the island. Though we will examine

Visiting the Mass Graves at Titanyen

Sunday, 16 November 2014 by
Mass Graves Titanyen Haiti

Auditing the Condition of the Mass Graves… It’s Sunday morning, which means it is time that I turn my full attention towards the less pleasant portion of my work here in a Haiti; death, desecration and despair. In a few moments I will travel to Titanyen to audit and record the condition of the mass

Job creation

Job Creation and Microfinancing… I started off my day by picking up a colleague of mine, in from the States, at the airport in Port au Prince. Immediately upon her arrival we met with the director of a global organization whose mission is to provide micro loans to small businesses. This was an fruitful first

Walking An Uneasy Path in Haiti

Friday, 14 November 2014 by

Sometimes it is necessary to walk an uneasy path. I have always gone to great lengths to avoid involving myself in Haitian politics, or in the geopolitics that permeates this vulnerable nation. That said, sometimes it is necessary to walk an uneasy path as one cannot contribute to genuine change from the comfort and safety

Tampa International Airport

  Jim Lange return to Haiti. After taking some time off to (physically and emotionally) heal from my recent trips, I’m on my way to Haiti to continue my journey. From the moment I deplane my full attention for day one will be focused in these three critical areas: Property rights issues impacting the transformation

  I’m on my to Miami to participate in a gala (fundraiser) being conducted by Rebati Sante Mentale. RSM is a group of 200-plus psychiatrists whom I’ve selected to handle mental issues for me in Haiti. I am a guest of honor at the event and our aim is to raise awareness and funds specifically

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  On my way back home. Exhausted. Exhilarated. Hopeful! …this is all I will have to say for today and for this trip. Be well.

  Unlike my first five days in-country, the first half of today has been all about recovery and reflection. Recovery in the sense that I am teetering on the edge of exhaustion and, as a result, opted to limit myself to one meeting earlier this morning. As for reflection, my mind has continuously replayed specific


  During my first trip to the resettlement camps (and future slums) in Croix des Bouquets, I once witnessed a man eating a plate of rice mixed with dirt. His courage and commitment to endure has never left me, and the image of his spoon has stuck in my throat like a fishbone to this