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Another Journey Begins

Thursday, 12 January 2012 by

Day One: Up at 4:45 AM begin my trip to Haiti. (Is it just me or does everyone look greenish grey at 4:45 AM?) After two great flights, the kind where the plane lands on the runway and you can walk away, I arrived in Haiti and began my work. Today’s agenda included: feeding the

On September 26th, I met with the owner of the property containing Haiti’s largest mass grave.  Since then, I have received numerous calls and/or emails asking for details regarding this meeting.  Unfortunately, due to the sensitivity surrounding this site and the complexity involved in transitioning the mass grave into a memorial, I cannot provide as

  In the immediate aftermath of Haiti’s January 12, 2010, earthquake, I established a new company, Haiti Recovery & Development Company LLC, with the sole purpose of helping Haiti and its people. The company’s mission is the creation, implementation and management of a comprehensive recovery and development program and assisting with the creation of an

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It is virtually impossible to predict the path that one’s life will take.  This realization rattled through my soul recently, as I knelt in a desolate field outside of Titanyen, Haiti and took stock of my surroundings. At my back, just across a fractured road connecting Port-Au-Prince to nowhere, a million dollar view of the

Titanyen – An Emotional Visit

Saturday, 09 July 2011 by

  Titanyen was my destination on Day 2 of my Haiti Trip.  Here are two rocks that I gathered from the mass grave at Titanyen.  As you will see in future photo’s, there are acres upon acres of these black and white stones covering the bodies. In some places the rocks have giving way to the bodies below.

Day One of my trip to Haiti is coming to a close. I thought I’d chech-in and let everyone know that I am OK. Today was a bit frustrating with  flight delays, but touring the city of Port au Prince reminded me of why I am here. Tomorrow, I’m traveling to the mass grave/landfill just

In most real estate transactions, the three most important factors to consider when buying land are: location, location, location.  In Haiti’s real estate market, these 8 factors obstruct every potential real estate transaction: Haiti is an island and, as such, land is a finite commodity Elite families own and control most of Haiti’s useable real

It’s been over a year since Haiti’s devastating earthquake and most of the world views Haiti’s reconstruction, or lack thereof, through confused and angry eyes. For those of us who care about Haiti, we see millions of Haitians either homeless or encamped in tent cities. And day after day we hold out hope that Haiti’s

Here is a tremendously moving article written by Jim Lange, CEO of Haiti Recovery & Development Company that was just published in the Tampa Tribune entitled A call for help on Haiti’s sacred ground.  In the article, Jim announces his first of its kind idea where he wrote: “I have set my sights on raising

I will be 50 years old in July.  In technology years this makes me roughly 5,000,000 years old.  Ancient.  Pre-historic, actually.  To hear my tech-savvy friends and colleagues speak, by the time I turn 55 they fully expect that I will have re-grown a tail and that I will be living in a boggy with