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  The focus of today’s activities centered on legal issues pertaining to the Haitian National Memorial and Peace Park. The former Minister of Justice, a member of my in-country steering committee, coordinated a meeting with key members of the Haitian legal community. The president of the Bar Association for all of Haiti agreed to communicate

  Haiti Trip; (December) Day Seven: While there is so much that I would like to share with you regarding today’s historic developments, I sorry to say that this installment will be short on details as I am thoroughly exhausted and I am having a great of difficulty seeing the keyboard. With that being said,

  Haiti Trip; (December), Day Six: Since my day started well before dawn, I am typing this post with crossed eyes and a wandering mind. As for today’s activities, I traveled to Mirebalais, which is in the central plateau, to tour the community and to attend a political rally as a guest of a political

  Haiti Trip; (December) Day Four: It’s a little after 10:30 pm and I have returned to the solace found within the little bedroom that is my home away from home. While today was filled with many important conversations, the main thrust of my activities fell into these two categories: 1) Land tenure issues pertaining

Haiti Trip; Day Three: With the positive developments of today nurturing my battered and weary soul, I am reminded of one of my favorite Tennyson quotes: “Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come, whispering ‘it will be happier’…” In the fields of Titanyen THEIR whispers beckon our attention and with our arrival

  Haiti Trip ( December); Day Two: It’s a little after 11:00 pm and I am finally able to jot down a few notes before I call it a day. While my activities today covered a wide array of individuals and topics, I’m happy to report that one of Haiti’s most respected family’s has agreed

Remember that You are Dust

Friday, 02 November 2012 by

  Haiti Trip (October-November); Day Five: My activities today returned me to the barbarous fields of Titanyen.  To a place so swollen with bodies the earth now gives light to the bones of its prey. While walking amongst the fallen sons and daughter of Haiti, hundreds of thousands of souls in-total, I couldn’t help but

  Haiti Trip; Day Five:  Earlier today, in a quiet office not far from the mass graves in Titanyen, I participated in a meeting with Reginald Auguste and Daniel Rouzier. Since this meeting was two years in the making for me, and decades in the making for Haiti, I found our conversation to be both

A Quiet Hero Offers His Help

Thursday, 17 May 2012 by

Haiti Trip; Day Three: In the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake, many brave and honorable Haitians answered the call of duty in ways that can only be described as “heroic.” Some risked their very lives by climbing into the bowels of collapsed and teetering buildings, all in an effort to aid those in critical need.

Day Seven: In a seemingly endless run of good luck, I am happy to report the following developments. (FYI-Due to confidentiality restrictions placed upon me, I can only discuss today’s activities in “general” terms. I will, however, provide full disclosure of all individuals and/or companies when I am legally allowed to do so.) Earlier today,